Call For Submissions – Resilience Resonates Zine

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We’re excited to announce this most special project as part of this year’s EverySeeker Symposium. Nikki A Basset and Elyse Moir, a duo of Halifax-based educators, organizers and music lovers, are facilitating a collaborative zine project to be launched May 31st as part of OBEY XII. The intention behind Resilience Resonates, the zine in question, is to advocate for and offer a platform to femme, trans, gender non-conforming, and two-spirit people within, throughout and around music communities. The duo are currently seeking contributions from folks all across the globe who identify as such.

If you’re interested in submitting something, we’ve got info on content, dimensions, guidelines and compensation after the jump!


::: Resilience Resonates :::


A collaborative printed zine showcasing a collection of expressions and feelings related to music, sound, and performance from femme, trans, gender non-conforming and two-spirit folks. The zine will be released and distributed during the EverySeeker Symposium at OBEY Convention XII (May 30- June 2, 2019) where contributors will have an opportunity to speak about their submission. Each contributor featured will receive a free copy of the zine and a choice of a $20 stipend OR a ticket for them + a friend to one OBEY Convention show!

Who are we?
Elyse Moir (she/her) and Nikki A Basset (they/them) are two halifax-based educators and workshop facilitators, community organizers, and lovers of music who are collaborating on their third zine together that advocates for and offers a platform for femme, trans, gender non conforming, and two-spirit voices.

What can I submit?
Anything you want as long as it can be printed in black and white on one 6×6 sized page.
Individual and collaborative pieces are welcome.
No prior art or writing experience is necessary.

Submission Examples:
Writing: personal stories, fiction, feelings, advice, predictions, questions, memories, dreams, lists,interviews, reviews, letters, lyrics, diary entries, instructions, poetry, notes from past or future.

Images: drawings, collages, photographs, screenshots, memes, scans, found objects, scans or photographs of textiles, ceramics, prints or paintings.

Possible Topics: mental health – imposter syndrome – kids + music – ageing, sharing knowledge + skills – discovering music – challenges or barriers – changes in music accessibility – finding joy and resilience – healing and growth – creating safer spaces – grievances and celebrations – grief, loss and mourning – criticisms or hopes for the future – familial or cultural traditions – crushes, love, and friendship – identities shaped through music – tall tales, secrets and rumours – misrepresentation – teaching, mentorship, influences – appreciation – forming and fostering creative communities

* * * * *

How do I submit?
Email submissions in an attachment to Elyse + Nikki at [email protected] by April 18th, 2019. If possible, send as a high resolution ( 300 DPI ) scan or photo in PDF or .jpg format. If your piece is low resolution you can still submit it and we will let you know if it is useable. If you need support to format, photograph, review, or edit work, email us and we’ll see if we can help!

What information do I include?


1. Name (while we do need your name for contact purposes, we are happy to print anonymous
submissions in the zine if that makes you feel comfy, just let us know).
2. Two ways to contact you
3. Does your work have a title? What medium is it?
4. If you live outside of Halifax and would like your zine mailed, include your mailing address. Locals can grab their copy at Lost and Found, the Every Seeker Symposium & other events during the festival between May 30th-June 2nd, 2019.
5. Are you interested in doing a reading of or short talk relating to your piece OR would you like to have someone else read it? Readings will take place during the zine launch at 1PM on Friday, May 31st at the All Nations Hall on Robie street.
6. If you are a financially stable person and would prefer to have your $20 stipend passed on to others please indicate so.

OPTIONAL (include only if you would like this info printed in the zine): your pronouns, ways you self-identify, link to your website or social media, your location, your profession, craft, hobby, program of study or volunteer position, affiliated organization.

* * * * *

Code of Conduct & Content Warning
We promote inclusive + anti-oppressive spaces, believing and supporting survivors, keeping each other accountable, active listening and holding space, prioritizing marginalized voices, and practicing consent culture – in music communities, but also always.

We will not tolerate any form of oppression or oppressive language including (but not limited to) racism, sexism, ableism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, and ageism. Content shared in violation of this will not be accepted for the zine.

While we will not accept any submissions that promotes sexual, physical, or emotional violence, we will accept submissions that (bravely) share their experience(s) with violence that are related to music, sound, and performance. Should these submissions be accepted for the zine, they will be shared with appropriate content warnings.