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Mary Jane Leach is a composer/performer whose work reveals a fascination with the physicality of sound, its acoustic properties and how they interact with space. In many of her works Leach creates an otherworldly sound environment using difference, combination, and interference tones; these are tones not actually sounded by the performers, but acoustic phenomena arising from her deft manipulation of intonation and timbral qualities. The result is striking music which has a powerful effect on listeners. Critics have commented on her ability to “offer a spiritual recharge without the banalities of new mysticism” (Detroit Free Press), evoking “a visionary quest for inner peace” (Vice Versa Magazine), and “an irridescent lingering sense of suspended time.” (Musicworks Magazine) In 2018, Modern Love released a retrospective LP, (f)lute songs, comprising selections from 30 years of Leach’s experimental scoring for voice and flute. At OBEY, she’ll be overseeing a performance of one of these trance-inducing works accompanied by her classic longform piece Pipe Dreams. What’s more, Leach will be offering a free-to-the-public lecture on the life and works of her late friend, peer, and fellow minimalist, Julius Eastman.