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Just John has been trailblazing DIY culture for years. His entry in to music was as a dancer but soon found his flow rapping on stage. Inspired by social activism, he became the driving force behind Blank Canvas, an art collective that seeks to provide platforms for marginalized artists through curated experiences, performances, exhibitions, pop ups and panels. His event DEAD POET is now one of the biggest spoken word & open mic events in Toronto. Dom Dias is a DJ/producer who has been making a name for himself on the Toronto club scene with his eclectic production and sonic choices. His productions have packed dance floors bouncing from Dancehall to Disco and from Rap to Balie Funk. Dom Dias and Just John’s first collaboration, “Soundboi,” which dropped in the wee hours of 2018, was a total revelation, sending titan waves through the many sonic pathways. They’re riding a huge boost of energy and profile as they make their Halifax debut at OBEY!