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With her stunning second LP, Ultraviolet, released late last year on Warp to major international acclaim, pianist Kelly Moran pulled off a nearly impossible feat: the annihilation of experimental music’s imposing, esoteric, über-academic status quo in the name of pure, unbridled intuition, of human joy. ““By re-examining my process as an artist, I freed myself,” Moran explains. “Accordingly, I ended up making songs that were more untethered, less inhibited. It wasn’t so much a compositional endeavor,” she says, “as it was an exercise in worldbuilding”. The results of that process present a kind of horizonless vision where Moran’s academic background flows gracefully into inflections of jazz and dream pop, neoclassical and black metal, darkness and light. The omnipresent balancing act between studied precision and free-form liberation forms the crux of Moran’s art. The seven tracks that comprise Ultraviolet are at once moving and truly mystifying.