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Leeds (UK) duo Guttersnipe wield guitar, drums, electronics and voice to unleash brutal rainbow abstraction, smothering the Rock idiom in hyperaccelerated bioluminescent hysteria. Formed in 2014 with the initial aim of marrying the dislocated rhythms of no-wave and noise rock to the batshit insane solos from “Reek of Putrifaction” by Carcass, Guttersnipe churn through such mad fields with the intensity of extreme free-jazz and punk. The pair have slowly developed into a brutalist power duo, hucking absurdist yelping and electro shock riffs across a skree of MoirĂ©-ing patterns with the time dial set to ‘loose’. The result is simultaneously ecstatic and terrifying. Their debut LP ‘My Mother The Vent’ was released at the end of last year on Upset The Rhythm records and landed 4th in The Wire’s Top 50 Albums of the Year and 5th in Rolling Stones Top 10 Avant Garde Releases of 2018. Recent appearances at the Uncanny Valley Festival in Ghent, Suoni Per Il Popolo in Montreal and Trip Metal in Detroit confirm the wild intensity with which Guttersnipe manifest a warped reality.