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Cucina Povera is an ex tempore live and home recording project of Finnish-born and Glasgow-based sound artist, producer and vocalist Maria Rossi. Her music is characterised by a percussive use of vocal techniques, an interest in microtonality and the use of close-up field recordings from urban markets, pools and wild waterways around the world. Cucina povera, a style of traditional cooking associated with simplicity and stoicism is analogous to Rossi’s synthesis of minimal electronics, field recordings and quasi-hymnal vocals. Influenced by polyphonic choral music and incorporating minimal synthesis and digital post-production, the outcome is sparse yet intricate. Rossi recently released a second LP, Zoom, through the fine people at Night School. The label describes the work as a  “verité collection of situational recordings”. These recordings exist in intimate spaces full of acoustic intrigue and they use voice as their primary ingredient. Zoom is a document of changing locations and moods that interested the recorder, a postcard look into the stream-of-consciousness processes of an artist developing a new aesthetic.