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75 Dollar Bill, the guitar/percussion duo of Che Chen and Rick Brown, formed in 2013 in Brooklyn. With a broad interest in a multitude of musical traditions, the duo have developed their unique brand of junked trance music intuitively, through dedicated practice and omnivorous punk ideals. Borrowing from and mixing with punk, new classical, tuareg, psych, no wave, street band and sacred musics, the resulting sound is hypnotic and gritty. Chen’s loose, spellbinding riff-cycles create the face of each piece while Brown’s rhythmic shifts and micro-twitching allow the mood to move subtly from small wonder to irresistible stupor. 75 Dollar Bill is the unlikely crossroad between two distinct musical histories; Chen’s, whose associations include underground folk icon Chie Mukai and free-jazz legend Daniel Carter, and Brown’s, which began in NYC in the late 70s with punk stalwarts Blinding Headache, V-Effect and Run On (with Alan Licht and Su Garner). The duo’s latest LP, WOOD / METAL / PLASTIC / PATTERN / RHYTHM / ROCK, landed at #16 in The Wire’s best records of 2016. They’ve got another one on the way in June 2019 through Thin Wrist Recordings, set to send waves and welcomed goosepimples through the underground.